So I’m sitting here, about to go running and the thought just occurred to me…”why not catch up on some minor blogging?” I’m not really into blogging anymore. Seems like everyone is doing it now. But I do enjoy the casual nature of it.

Unfortunately, it always seems like every minor post, thought, phrase, sentence, and even minor punctuation mark is overly-scrutinized by anyone with a personal vendetta against you (me). The internet can so easily become misconstrued. So I’ve backed away from the fire over the past couple of years. Who knows what wackos will begin stalking me again?! Best not to find out, has been my typical thinking of late.

Yet, still I feel like my freedom has been impeded due to my fear of encountering crazies again. Who knows? Maybe I’m just over-thinking this. After all, I’m home for the holidays and if I feel like casually blogging again, then I think I have a right to do that without having to be afraid of stalkers coming out of the woodwork.

Life goes on, I suppose. And so will my haphazard blogging inclinations.

Merry Christmas and happy Friday folks. Peace out.