Kris Kobach, Notorious SB 1070 Racist, Laying Groundwork For Racist Two-Tier Voting System

With court action over the state’s proof-of-citizenship voting law looming, Secretary of State Kris Kobach is laying groundwork for a system that would allow some voters to vote in all elections while others could only vote for Congress and presidential tickets.

Rep. Jim Ward, D-Wichita, an opponent of the proof-of-citizenship law, said he received confirmation from the Department of Legislative Research this week that Kobach is moving forward with the plan to limit voters who follow federal registration rules to voting only in federal elections.

Separately, a memo to all the state’s county election officials outlines procedures for identifying and tracking voters who use the federal form and creating a separate category for them in voting databases.


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CuriousLurker noticed that this needed to be Paged. She linked to this TPM article. It’s good, but I find the issues better explained in this article in the Wichita Eagle which preceded the one above.

Kansas is teaming with Arizona on a lawsuit to save controversial laws requiring people to prove they’re citizens when they register to vote.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett filed a lawsuit Wednesday that could bring the state laws into compliance with a ruling the U.S. Supreme Court handed down in June.

The lawsuit came a week after the American Civil Liberties Union signaled plans to challenge the Kansas citizenship requirement, which has already blocked the registration of more than 15,000 would-be voters.


Read the rest here for clear background information:, then read the one at the top for the latest scheming.

Kris Kobach wrote the Arizona law that was passed as SB 1070. See the tag for him below for more details. He was also Mitt Romney’s campaign adviser on immigration issues.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne was behind the successful effort to shut down the Mexican-American Studies program in Tucson, Arizona. See his tag for more about that.

Ken Bennett, Arizona Secretary of State, denied that he’s a ‘birther’, yet tried to get Obama taken off of the Arizona ballot ‘at the behest of a constituent’. He was Mitt Romney’s campaign co-chair in Arizona. He’s now running for governor of Arizona.

These three men have proven that they work with and for racists. Should I mention that they are Republicans? I guess that would be redundant.

The Arizona Republic had an editorial against this madness:

Nice voting trick, boys, but it won’t work

Our View: Scheme creates separate-but-unequal voting system


Changing the federal form so all Arizona voters meet the same requirements to register would be one way out of a problem — if we had a problem with non-citizens voting, which we don’t.

Meanwhile, Bennett and Thomas will take credit for a confusing dual-registration system that is likely to reduce voter turnout, but help them in their respective primaries.

Tricky. But not good for Arizona.

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