Ever seen a 3-D printer? It may blow your mind if you’re not familiar with the technology.

The Maker Bot Replicator. Pretty shhh-uh-weet, huh?

I first saw one a couple years ago at an engineering and model crafts fair in KC. I think it was called the Android Exhibition or something. (Yes, I’ve just lost all future dating prospects by revealing that amazing dork fact about myself. Hi I’m Daniel. I’ve been to an Android Fair.) But anyway, let’s not babble. The point is that if you’re an early adopter and you have the bones to pony up for some entertainment tech that’s still in its infancy you can actually buy one of these bad boys for your personal work area. From what I’ve heard, they run a few thousand so it’s not cheap. But, if you love do-it-yourself crafty tech stuff, you’ll probably be the popular nerd on the block for a minute or two with this gigantic beast at your abode.

3-D printing in action. Neville's shot glass creation.
3-D printing in action! Neville’s shot glass creation in process.

Personally, I think it’s really cool mainly because I’ve been in the unfortunate situation of finding something really rare and awesome at an arts and crafts fair, buying it, then taking it home only to have a family member accidentally break or misplace my rare oddball artsy find. In that instance, a 3-D printer would be like alchemy to someone who appreciates handmade crafts.

And there you have it! Your personal print of your very own shot glass.

So check out more of these awesome pics from the NevBlog. He’s this cool dude from Austin, my fam’s old stomping grounds (circa 1800s, haha). Plus, he was nice enough to let me share some of his 3-D madness with you. Look. It even makes shot glasses!



Daniel 🙂