I think you already know very well of the viral video of this Australian hurdler taunting, flirting, and shaking her body with the most unorthodox pre-race warm up session the 2012 IAAF World Junior Championships have ever seen.

This may be old news considering the view count, but you know you want to see her flirty dance just one more time. I don’t blame you. Go ahead. Get your fill. (Then please continue reading.)

Done? Good. Now, let’s move on. I know you’re only human, so I forgive you.

Look. Don’t get me wrong. She’s a really good athlete, not great, but good. I’m not a track and field athlete, but I’m sure she could beat the pants off me in a hurdling race any day. BUT let’s not forget what’s going on here. Shelly didn’t win that race in 2012. But we both know what launched her into micro-stardom. It was the Anna Kournikova in her.  (See marginalization and sexualization of female athletes.)

With all the hype about Jenneke’s 2012 pre-race warm-up, she actually finished 5th in that 100m race. Yes, she won her heat, but I highly doubt that the vast majority of viewers who saw that flirty video were even remotely concerned with her placement. So let’s face it, you didn’t come here to hear about my criticism of the media induced sexualization of female athletes. And frankly, I’m not personally knocking anyone’s sexuality. I’m a realist. Considering the post-race media frenzy she openly engaged following her 5th place IAAF World Junior Championship 100m finish, she’s clearly capitalizing on the hype. More power to her if that’s what she wants.

I just want to make a point here. We both know why you came to this page, and I’m not upset with you for it. I would just like for there to be a little less hypocrisy in the world. So go ahead, and have you’re fill. 





This was a gag video she participated in. No worries. She’s just practicing her acting skills for YouTube.







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