Affluenza Ethan CouchDo you remember ‘affluenza’ Ethan Couch, the Rich-Kid-With-A-Free-Pass-To-Kill ONLY because he’s rich? Well, despite nationwide outrage, Texas Tarrant County Judge Jean Boyd decided to still let him off after all.

Yes, the justice system has heard your public outcry, and Judge Jean Boyd doesn’t care about community standards, or justice for that matter. Ethan Couch killed four innocent people, some of them children, as well as maimed and paralyzed others. Beyond that, we was literally caught fleeing on foot from the scene.

And while those innocent people he killed are gone, and their families will never see them again, Ethan Couch received a free pass to kill. He receive a free pass because he was deemed too rich to have understood the consequences. Therefore, Judge Jean Boyd believed he should not receive consequences. He admitted to the crimes. He was found guilty thanks to his own admission. And what was the sentence handed down by Judge Jean Boyd? Ethan Couch received 10-years probation and a free ride, paid for by his parents to the tune of $450,000 per year, to attend a luxury rehab facility in Newport Beach, CA that literally offers a state of the art fitness facility, horse riding lessons, acupuncture, personalized nutritionist consulting, yoga/Pilates meditation sessions, and more. He took away human lives, and his sentence was simply that he should quite literally go live by the beach for awhile, Newport Beach to be exact.

Affluenza Jean BoydNow, the rest of America is left to wonder about the integrity of the American criminal justice system.

And I’m left to wonder, what has my beautiful America reduced itself to when affluence becomes a twisted golden ticket to terrorize the poor and middle class at will?

Here’s a good story reference I’d like to share from Democracy Now that I think sums up the injustice of the entire matter very eloquently and informatively. Also, I’ve added a video by one of my favorite alternative news sources, The Young Turks, whose growth I’ve been pleased to witness over the past several years.

Ref. Affluenza Defense Lands Wealthy Teen in Rehab After He Kills 4 People in Drunk Driving Accident | Democracy Now!.

A wealthy teen who killed four people in a Texas drunk driving accident will not go to jail after a judge ruled this week that instead, he must attend an expensive rehabilitation facility paid for by his parents. The driver was 16-year-old Ethan Couch. He was speeding, with a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit. Couch has admitted to his crime, and in a case that went before a Texas judge, prosecutors sought a 20-year sentence. Instead, Couch was sentenced to 10 years’ probation after a psychologist claimed he had “affluenza,” and testified that his cushy upbringing prevented him from connecting bad behavior with its consequences. We get response from Richard Alpert, the Tarrant County assistant district attorney who prosecuted the case against Couch. We are also joined by Boyce Watkins, a Syracuse University professor and the founder of “” He recently wrote an article titled “Rich, White Kids Have ‘Affluenza,’ Poor, Black Kids Go to Prison.



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