Ponder this for a moment.

I know you have things to do. We all do. Everyone wants a piece of our finite time on this earth. However, that’s the catch. It’s finite AND it’s ours. Not anyone else’s. The truth is your “boss,” your customers, your clients, your “whomever” that feels falsely entitled to your time needs to be grateful you’re offering your finite, sacred life energy at all. You’ll only get so much of it. Slow down for a second, and remember why you’re working, or why you’re doing all of this…stuff… in the first place. Ten years from now, will the minutia even matter or is it the big picture that truly counts? Listen to your heart.

Are you really focusing on what’s important? You, and only you, can answer that. Be good to one another.

Enjoy today. You’ll never get this day again. Peace.

-Daniel 🙂