Does your Mom ever call you randomly just to ask if you’re “regular”? My Mom is notorious for this. Actually, she calls me to ask a whole litany of strange and embarrassing questions that I can’t reveal online, nor to anyone with a pulse, EVER. She’s my Mom and I love her. So needless to say, her invasive questions always give me reason to pause and reflect.

You see, the other day as I was pondering my digestive cycle, I also considered my blog posting cycle as well. I realize that I haven’t posted much lately. There’s no excuse for that, so I don’t want to dwell. Instead, I’d rather just reflect for a moment and consider how I naturally post content. It’s a mystery to me why Twitter seems to come so naturally, but posting vlogs and blog entries are few and far between.

Now I know there are some people who can write four or five thousand words a day just for the sake of posting content. I’m not one of them. Granted, I probably write about that much per day, but that’s all draft copy. I don’t think I’ve ever posted that much to share with the world on a daily basis for more that a week or two at a time. I work better with a specific goal in mind. If I tell myself just to aimlessly post more, then I’ll spend all day thinking about something meaningful to blog about just so I can save it and later discard the whole thing the next day.

You know the old maxim, “Done is better than perfect.” That’s my OCD notebook habit in a nutshell. It’s a ridiculous habit that frustrates me to no end. I write, and write, and write, and hardly ever share anything. It all just goes into a file. And for what? Come to think of it I’ve actually considered hiring someone to physically slap me every time I hesitate to post something, or just needlessly hold onto something for no particular reason other than perfectionism. Apparently, I’m not the only one with that oddball idea too.

Case in point. Slap-slap.

So the way I’ve always allowed myself to get beyond my strange penchant for perfectionism is to set a specific goal. Then when I exceed that goal, I’ll eventually notice that I’m really just tweaking my material to death, which then forces my subconscious mind to look up and let go. Maybe that seems odd, but that’s how I get things done. I never have any trouble meeting my goals. It’s holding on to the material that I struggle with.

So I’m going to start posting more, posting daily, posting without so much reservation. I owe it to myself to hit the publish button more often. Plus, I feel I owe it to all the wonderful, trusting people who tune in each day, who sign up for my friend/subscriber/email list, and who send me so many heartfelt, encouraging, inquisitive and positive messages each day. I think it’s time for me to give back a little more, maybe a lot more.

Until Next Time Constant Reader…
Daniel 🙂


PS – Here’s a really cool article from Lifehacker about how to get over crippling burden of perfectionism.


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