Congressman John Lewis
If Obama forgets the change he should be fighting for, John Lewis can remind him.

Do you know of Congressman John Lewis? I hope so. He’s the Democratic Congressman from Georgia who holds a unique place in American civil rights history, in progressive history, as well as in the history nonviolent political organizing in America, particularly student organizing. In fact, he directly helped shape the social and political climate in this country that helped make it possible for an African American to eventually hold the highest public office in the country.

And on that note, he recently he sent a strong and well-deserved message to President Obama to remind him that political deal-making is not always shrewd. Sometimes it’s simply politically and morally backwards.

The reason Lewis checked Obama is because the President recently nominated GOP bigot, Michael Boggs, to the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia as part of a political deal better known as the tradition of “blue slipping.” It’s an unspoken “tradition,” which is a word used very loosely, in national politics for presidents to politely inquire as to the home state’s senators’ opinion on the presidential nominees to the US District Court.

This is not a rule. It’s not a law. It’s not even a universally followed practice as numerous past presidents have completely ignored it. Actually, George W. Bush never even acknowledged this tradition. He appointed all the conservative judges he wanted. However, Obama folded so rapidly on this particular “deal” in order to appease GOP senators from Georgia that even conservatives were surprised. So, who is Michael Boggs, you might be asking?

Michael Boggs is an ultra conservative/regressive federal judicial nominee with a long history of intolerance in the state of Georgia. Some of his political purviews are contentious. For example, his proposed bills to allow “Choose Life” license plates sparked some controversy. Plus, his push to impose more limitations on minors seeking abortions, even in extreme situations such as rape or incest, caused an even bigger stir. His other proposals are even more extreme. Recently he sought to have doctors who perform abortions publish their names and also the details of the abortions they have carried out online for public perusal. His other political pet issues are simply bigoted. Plain and simple. No politics. Just moronic and ugly. An excellent illustration of his stupidity includes his proposal to have Confederate insignia on the Georgia state flag, which was particularly disgusting. Also, his intolerant anti-gay agenda of targeting homosexuals and other protected classes warrants a laundry list of notations in its own right. Too much to note here.

This pic says it all. Well done, Daily Kos.

So here’s the larger question. Most people understand that Michael Boggs is a pathetic excuse for a human being. Just will not be blind with him. Yet, the more important intrigue is: Why would Obama’s nominate Michael Boggs to the federal bench in the first place?

Apparently, regardless of the epic GOP united front to universally disagree with and stonewall any measure put forth by President Obama, our Commander-In-Chief still wants to nominate Boggs for the sake of GOP approval, although no one knows precisely why.

Enter historic civil rights leader, John Lewis.

The good news is that Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) noticed the disparity. So the stalwart civil rights leader made a public statement Monday that he does not support Michael Boggs’ nomination to the U.S. District Court in Georgia. And good for him. Neither do most voters with a conscience. Lewis went even further by dispelling recent reports that he might acquiesce to accept Boggs and noted that President Obama’s regressive nominee “stands in direct opposition” to the Congressman’s lifelong civil rights work to improve race relations and equal opportunity for all.

Lewis stated emphatically, “I do not support the confirmation of Michael Boggs to the federal bench.” Further noting, “His record is in direct opposition to everything I have stood for during my career, and his misrepresentation of that record to the committee is even more troubling.”

Does Obama even know of Boggs’ disgustingly bigoted positions? Please tell me he’s aware of his history.

Other politicos also weighed in on Obama’s nominee. For example, Rep. David Scott (D-GA), took to Twitter on Monday to express discontent and puzzlement over the nomination of Boggs.

Meanwhile, the White House press secretary Jay Carney stated that the Obama Administration hasn’t withdrawn support for Boggs, but added that Senators are obviously free to vote as they see fit on the President’s nomination.

So if anyone else knows why the heck Obama would nominate such a blatant regressive neo-con like Boggs, please clue the rest of us in. I can understand compromise, but “blue slipping” is all-together a non-tradition that no one seems to submit to but Obama. And for what? I’m honestly disheartened to see our President take so much public abuse and then offer only appeasement in return. Who benefits by taking such a weak position? Doesn’t he know that Republicans are still going to continue to oppose him no matter what he does, no matter how polite he is, no matter what compromises he offers? In the meantime, he has the opportunity to foster progressive change in America, but he squanders it on this.

Also, in case you’re wondering, other members of Congress have also voiced discontent over Obama’s non-sensical nominee to the federal bench. 

Needless to say at this point, I’m totally mystified. Clearly, Obama’s compromises with Republicans haven’t worked out to his benefit in the past.

So, I’d love to know what you think. What are your thoughts on the subject?


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