Dave Ramsey Gets Rich By Telling Poor People How To Get Rich
Note-To-Self: A) “Beware of false prophets.” – Matthew 7:15; AND B) “There’s a sucker born everyday.” – American saying

“Beware of false prophets.”  – Matthew 7:15

Apparently Dave Ramsey’s “Christian” business is SO CHRISTIAN that his former employees need a support group just to escape his harassment. In fact, some of his not-so-“Christian” intimidation tactics include hiring pastors to chastise employees whom he suspects (through the use of online spies and bounties – literally) of talking negatively about him on social media. Would you call that a cult-like, spiritually abusive practice? Most rational people would consider his bullying methods abusive, and just about everyone would call his behavior hostile.

Ramsey is a pop media guru, as well as a highly divisive media-mogul within the evangelical Christian community who infuses Gospel with self-serving financial advice that ultimately makes him rich by hocking info products to desperate poor people. His radio show, personal brand, and financial purviews have often been cited as neo-conservative, illogical, and unsound. In fact, many financial experts criticize his advice as unsubstantiated and often slanted towards primarily benefiting creditors, not the debtors Ramsey claims to help.

Here are some excellent quantitative critiques of Dave Ramsey’s false logic and classist mentality. 

Over the past several months, numerous outlets which include Twitter buzz have suggested that he’s undertaken an exceedingly paranoid rampage which targets former employees. Apparently, those close to Ramsey have noted that he’s taken to offering bounties and Non-Disclosure Agreements to help uncover the identities of several anonymous Twitter parody accounts that have popped up to criticize him. Recently, The Daily Beast interviewed over a dozen current and former employees connected to Ramsey’s business who confirmed the decidedly un-Christian environment at the Lampo Group. As expected, Dave Ramsey doesn’t want his exploits getting out.

Dave Ramsey Paranoid - The Daily Beast Story
Excerpt from “The Daily Beast” – by Matthew Paul Turner

Check out the original story from The Daily Beast.

Essentially, Dave Ramsey is yet another charismatic media guru who gets rich off poor people by telling them how to get rich. It’s a familiar, recurring formula in American media. But, as the infamous American saying goes, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”


Critiques of Dave Ramsey:

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From a financial perspective, most experts seem to agree that while Dave Ramsey has capitalized on a folksy Southern ‘charm’ to establish a personal brand, the mathematics of his financial advice simply don’t add up. Essentially, Dave Ramsey is yet another charismatic media guru who gets rich off telling others (mainly the poorest and the least educated) how to get rich. It’s a familiar, recurring formula in American media.


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