Hi folks. This is a planned test. Sometimes I write a post, then mediate over it, then archive it, then maybe pick it up later, then maybe add a few notes, then I put it away again, and then it never sees the light of day. What a cycle, right?

So I’m considering taking a new approach with an auto-post planner. It’s a new tool I just picked up. Basically, if I ever find myself sitting on my posts for too long, this tool will automatically post something from my archive. What it ends up posting will even be a surprise to me! Sounds fun, right? …And mildly terrifying! Ha. It’s a way of “shipping” no matter what. (See Seth Godin.) I’m pretty excited about the forced “birth” of some of my  random posts.
As a matter of fact, this is one of them! I’m probably somewhere else right now. Maybe chatting with strangers, maybe having a cup of coffee, or maybe just running around in circles. But if you’re seeing this post, then that means I’ve waited awhile to post it and my automated bloggity-alarm just went off and automatically sent this to the virtual printer. Happy blogging! 🙂