This is the day/month/year it all started on Blogger. However, prior to Blogger I had a really terrible AOL blogjournal, but as we all know AOL Journals never really took off. In fact, AOL even went into the toilet for the most part. Then prior to AOL, I had a series of Xanga accounts. The blogger community was crazy small back them. I tend to look upon that fact with some nostalgia.

One interesting thing I should mention about my blogging life experience is that I have the distinction of being the first person from MU to hit the vlogscene on Youtube, which I started posting to just after Youtube launched in 2005. I have since set the account to private though, after I was literally attacked when the channel received some (mild) attention in the local news. Ah, sweet memories…

Sometimes I wonder how many Blogger accounts I’ve had and then deleted. I’d say probably around 20, maybe 25, or so. I know there are more dedicated bloggers than I out there. Lord knows I have the online attention span of a gnat. I have to give them all much respect. They’re skills are to be admired. I’m just in it to chi-lax, if you know what I mean. I browse and post, delete and revise, and generally just try to appreciate the futility of the online moments. I’ll probably always float around the InternetZ semi-anonymously. It’s fun, but I doubt I’ll ever take it seriously.

Anyway, that’s just a very short and sweet backstory to my blogging dayz. Peace out, folks.

I might blog more later. Then again, I might change my mind and just call a friend or read a book.