Tonight I went out for an evening drink and a movie with a female friend. No hanky panky, just conversation and catching up. It was nice to not feel inclined to put on airs. In my opinion vanity is an insufferable disease. Spending wasn’t out of control. Thank God! I only bought one round of drinks, two movie tickets, and few concessions, but I don’t mind spending a little for a surprisingly relaxing night out with a friend. Afterall, I’ve been couped up for months with trying to find a new job in my hometown/city. And that’s enough to drive a guy nuts in and of itself. Sometimes you just have to take a break, release the pressure, and talk about life with a friend. It’s incredibly therapeutic. Wow! You wouldn’t believe it, but it’s true.

We went to see Slumdog Millionaire, which is just the right movie to help pick up a guy’s frustrated spirits. If you think you have it rough in a recession, check out the life of uneducated, filthy slum kids in Bombay, India. They kind of remind me of slum kids in Mexico, yet I’d imagine that the agony just south of the border might even be measurably worse since Mexico rests right next door to the last global superpower. For Mexicans the plague of poverty lies only one political frontera away. That’s definitely a sight that will make you a bit teary-eyed and disheveled.

Anyway, while I’ve always felt Bollywood films are trite and poorly done, this flick was a sweet mixture of comedic gameshow spoof, dramatic tragedy, and even a little romance mixed in for good measure. Yuck! I never thought I’d like a romance-anything, but this wasn’t that bad. All in all, the movie wasn’t my first choice, but the overall mood for the evening was a total plus.

Peace out folks.