This video is worth watching, and then re-watching, and then sharing to drive home the point that there are far too many people in the world harboring serious incongruence about the value of human life, human dignity, and the reality of wealth inequality and the lack of economic mobility in the world today.

Are you sincere about your value system? If you’re religious, what does your religion prescribe AND do you actually live your religion? If you’re not religious, are you ethical/moral AND what does your value system prescribe? Do you actually live your value system, or are you really just fooling yourself? Maybe it’s time for all of us to pass along a wake-up call.

(Fair warning: NSFW. Well, sort of…)

Today, we live in a version of America that’s become so shockingly disparate in terms of wealth inequality, economic mobility, and equal opportunity to financial security that the overwhelming majority of Americans have difficulty comprehending the extent to which wealth concentration actually exists in the world as we know it, and particularly in the US. The economic reality in America is that today the middle class is disappearing and the poor are now marginalized to an extent so obscene that being born poor has become a plague that makes escaping poverty virtually impossible.  

I’m an American, and I’m NOT okay with today’s perversion of America that concentrates wealth and marginalizes the poor so extremely that they are crushed into obscurity, without a voice, without an opportunity, and in many cases without a vote.

Wealth Inequality In America Today


Be honest with yourself. If you’re really offended by HEARING the words in the video, then PLEASE ask yourself whether you’re LIVING that sentiment. Could you possibly be committing the infinitely more egregious and disgraceful everyday sin of living such an obscenity?

Actions speak louder than words. The daily choice is yours.

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